Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

• What's so special about a bib or apron made of PUL?

The fabric used to make all of our bibs and aprons are made from Eco-PUL, a material that is free of lead, heavy metals, BPA, phthalates, or latex. Eco-PUL is also vegan, meaning it does not contain any animal products. 

• I'm worried about what my baby might be chewing on if I give her/him a wooden teething ring. What is the ring made of?

All wooden rings sold by Simply Clever Designs are USA-made, natural maple hardwood rings. All the rings have been brushed with organic beeswax and olive oil.


Care Instructions

• How do I clean my pocket bib?

In one of three ways: wipe clean, rub fabric together under water, or toss in the regular laundry. Then hang to dry or place in the dryer.

• Will my pocket bib or kid apron melt in the dryer?

No! The PUL fabric used for these items does not melt at high temperatures like other laminates.

• How many feedings can I do before I need to wash the bib?

That's up to you. We recommend washing after every 1-6 feedings, depending on what food is eaten and how much is spilled on the bib. In a test run, we used a bib 24 times before tossing it in the laundry. We simply wiped it clean or rinsed it off between feedings.

• How do I clean my teething ring?

First, unsnap the fabric from the ring and toss the fabric part in your regular laundry.

Second, do not put the wooden ring through the laundry or in your sink. Immersing it in water may cause it to splinter. Simply spot clean with a damp cloth.

• How do I clean my hair bow?

Spot clean it with a damp cloth. Immersing it in water will make the hair bow fall apart.


Returns and Exchanges

• Something is wrong with my recent purchase! Can I return it or exchange it for a new item?

Please see our Shop Policies.


Custom Orders

• Are custom orders available?

Not as this time. I am preparing for the fall craft show season. Sorry for any inconvenience this break may cause.

• I'm looking for a specific print I saw posted on Instagram or Facebook. How do I find it?

If a specific print is not pictured on this website, and you live in or near Grand Rapids, that print may be available at Reinspired Treasures (2417 Eastern Ave., Grand Rapids, MI).

You can also contact me (Leanne) at to inquire about a specific print.

Do know that new prints arrive every 3-4 months and are only available in limited quantities. 


Purchase Options

• Where else can I purchase Simply Clever Designs products? 

Simply Clever Designs products can be purchase at 

Reinspired Treasures (2417 Eastern Ave., Grand Rapids, MI)

We are also at craft shows throughout the year. Details on those shows can be found on Instagram (simplycleverdesigns) and Facebook (Simply Clever Designs).