What are people saying about Simply Clever Designs?

"These bibs are outstanding. They clean so easily and wash up really nice in the laundry. I dont regret buying these for one second. Food rinses out of the material very easily with just water from the sink- even strawberry juice." - Lisa Snyder


"These pocket bibs are so well constructed and beautiful patterns! I purchased one originally to try it out as my daughter rips off every bib we have purchased. These stay on great! I just purchased a couple more and will definitely be purchasing these in the future for us and for shower gifts!" - Leda Theres


"Love these bibs. They definitely catch the most crumbs & toddler mess. They wash easy. Buying 2 more!" - Heather McDowell Lewandowski


"These bibs are the only ones my son can't rip off! We've been using them daily, washing and drying weekly, and they look brand new. Plus, the prints are adorable. THANK YOU." - Clare Kelly


"I bought 3 pocket bibs a year ago and they are the only bibs I use. My son cannot get them off like he was able to do with all the other ones I tried. And, even after a year, they look new. There are no stains and that's not because my baby was so neat and careful
I recently bought the play apron for my boys which are also amazing. These products are well made and high quality. If you are thinking of purchasing, just do it, you won't regret it!" - Stacey Baker


"Still my favorite bibs! They are so easy to wipe down, hang to dry, reuse, then throw in the wash." - Alison Haveman


"The pint-sized aprons are so awesome! My 2 year old loves to wear her apron while washing the dishes (a.k.a. playing in the water). We often go right from sink time to meal time, and her apron serves as a bib too! My daughter loves her “apon” and asks to put it on multiple times per day. I love that the child’s clothes stay DRY under the water resistant fabric!! The apron cleans easily and dries quick. It’s always ready for the next wear! These aprons are so well made, and I’m sure will last us several years - well beyond when my little one grows out of it!" - Beth Villwock Kuik